Ruba Shamshoum Quintet (Palestine)

rubashamshoumRuba Shamshoum is a Palestinian musician, born and raised in Nazareth and currently living in Dublin, Ireland.

She is influenced by jazz, rock, and naturally by Middle Eastern music. Ruba has been involved in a large range of musical styles and ensembles.

She began writing her own material In 2011 when she composed the song 'Ya Layl La Trooh' for Annmarie Jacir's film 'When I Saw You'. During 2014-2015 Ruba released a few singles that generated much acclaim and were a part of top indie charts in the Middle East.

Songs such as 'Fuqaati (My Bubble)' and its animated video in 2014, and 'Madeleine' in 2015. Ruba recently launched her debut album. In her songs, she deals with femininity, fragility, strength, reality, escapism and everything in between.

Her band are Ruba Shamshoum (vocals), Orlando Molina (guitar), Aleka Potinga (cello and backing vocals), Barry Rycraft (double bass) and Matthew Jacobson (drums).