JAZZ @ THE WELL       FRIDAY 28TH APRIL    9.30PM €12

Presented in association with the Embassy of Denmark


The Firebirds (Denmark)

Stefan Pasborg (drums), Anders Banke (saxophone/clarinet) and Anders Filipsen (piano)

Just as great composers like Igor Stravinsky drew inspiration from folk songs and melodies to create their timeless classics, ‘The Firebirds’ take classical music as the jumping off point for a repertoire of groove-laden jazz improvisation.

firebirds webThe trio is named after one of Stravinsky’s best-known works. As the son of a ballet dancer, band leader Stefan Pasborg grew up immersed in classical music.

‘The Firebirds’ draw on genres and styles as diverse as jazz, surf, free improvisation and blues to bring a rich new interpretation to the music of iconic composers including Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Carl Nielsen and Rimskij-Korsakov.

Featuring three of Denmark’s great jazz players, ‘The Firebirds’ bring a captivating jazz interpretation to melodies and compositions that we know and love.

“Not just one of Europe’s most interesting drummers but one of Europe’s most interesting musicians” – Jazz Journal (on Stefan Pasborg)

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